Updates, early April/May 2021.  Removed and resealed the engine on the E12 M535i.  Did rod bearings and big brakes on the M3.

Welcome to my Car page

The purpose of this page WAS to post some of the many links that I keep track of in my personal browser bookmarks. Now, it has morphed into some up to date info about my BMW E12 M535i, some of my other cars and garage topics, and other car related stuff. Enjoy!

My son going to Cars and Coffee with me a few years ago.


The E12 M535i at last began a full bodywork repair and restoration in the Fall of 2013, and finally a repaint in the original white. This will take longer than I anticipate!

April 2020:  E28 535is overview video available on youtube.

The E12 is home (Nov 2019)

A picture of the E12 M535i's spot in our new lower garage, with the E93 M3 stablemate and car related wall decorations.

A New Beginning: June 2020

Finally, 7 years after the restoration started, the E12 M535i is back on the road with the stripes kit added!