Other Cars I've Owned

2002 Volkswagon Jetta TDI 5spd

Best MPG, 48.5 with 4 adults in the car. BP premium diesel only!

1981 E12 528i 5spd

My first BMW, sold to a firstfives friend. Was converted to a 3.5 motor and then rear-ended and totaled by an idiot in a Blazer. RIP

1998.5 Ford Contour SVT E1

The first new car I bought when I lived in CA. Did some questionable mods due to inexperience and youth. Was a fun car.

2013 Toyota Sequoia

Our first big SUV. I miss the captains chairs in the back.

2002 BMW 325i

Molly and I picked this up new via euro delivery. Molly bought it and chose the beautiful topaz blue over sand leather, 5spd. We miss that car.

2006 BMW X3 Sport

Bought new to replace the blue E46 coupe because our son was born. Well built, sport seats, and suspension were nice.