Bought 2009, sold 2016, sold again on bringatrailer

E30 325is

Year: 1987

Exterior: black

Interior: red leather

Transmission: 5-spd manual


Mileage when we bought the E30 was around 97xxx, and sold it with just over 100k. ¬†Unforunately it didn’t get driven as much as it should have due to some chronic issues like hard starting.

August 2014

We bought it from a R3vlimited forum member local here in MN before E30 prices went nuts. It would have been in 2009 I believe. There were grand plans to get a track car, but a second kid and life got busy, and the car sat, and sat, and was driven very seldom. Then it developed a coolant leak and it was parked (in a cozy, indoor garage for 3 years). Then this Spring, after making time to replace coolant hoses and a few vacuum hoses around the throttle body, she was back running again. The brakes are slightly mushy, but adequate. I also installed a short shifter, but didn’t pull the driveshaft to get all the parts installed to do it right where the rod linkage attaches to the trans. So it’s still incomplete.

Before it was parked for 3 years, I also started a euro bumper conversion. It’s not perfect, but it’s ok. The front turn signals are in-op because I never wired them in, debating how to approach it.

The good:

  • rust-free (as far as I can tell, I’ve been over it a decent amount and don’t see a thing)
  • nearly new exhaust (OEM I think)
  • Coolant hoses replaced
  • New parts included, water pump, new fan blade, rest of short shifter parts
  • Have original 325is US bumper airdam and rear US bumper along with other misc parts from the original US bumpers¬†
  • Car has a thick binder of records including original window sticker and I saw receipts back to 1989 in there.
  • Currently it has d-force spec E30 wheels and Sumitomo tires.

The bad:

  • DOT-r replacement left fender
  • replacement engine from a donor 325is sedan before I got it
  • oil leak(s)
  • hard to start issue, especially when hot
  • passenger side window inop
  • partially completed euro bumper conversion and inop front turn signals
  • some body dings including hood
    finish is peeling on rear spoiler
  • seats are dry, but could maybe be brought back. There’s a tear on driver seat though
  • Needs suspension, bad. Floaty, loose, rear shock mounts suck and have pushed through bushings
  • Water leak in trunk, I suspect from the power antenna gasket
  • Never tried the a/c, I doubt it works
  • Crap aftermarket alarm that doesn’t work, I’d rip it out and throw in the trash.

Upgrades (updated 2015)

  • Fixed passenger side power window
  • Finished turn signal install, fog lights, and replica Mtech 1 front ¬†airdam
  • Installed real yellow lens euro foglights
  • Installed AKG rear shock mounts and reinforcements

September 2017

After I sold the car to Alex (and he promised to keep it for himself) he spent a ton of money redoing many things and sold it on bringatrailer.